The Well Team

 Marielle Amrhein,  Founder

Marielle Amrhein, Founder

Marielle Amrhein

Marielle Amrhein is a facilitator/educator, writer, dancer, activist, mama and herbalist. She was born and raised in NY and has called Oakland home since 2011. Her people come from Portugal, France, Ireland, the U.K., Trinidad and West Africa.

With a background in dance, youth development, arts for social change, leadership, and counseling, she layers all her experience and skills in service of personal, interpersonal and systemic transformation. Marielle studied herbal medicine at Ohlone Herbal School, and has been a non-formal learner of herbal medicine for over a decade. 

At her core, Marielle is a changemaker, a healer, and a deep lover of life and this planet. She is married to her beloved, Karim Bishay and together, along with many aunties and uncles, are raising the tiny human, Noor.

 Karim Bishay,  Cofounder

Karim Bishay, Cofounder

Karim Bishay

Karim is a serial entrepreneur and has founded and managed over 6 companies in the last 15 years. He's had the pleasure of being one of the early members of organizations like Dev Bootcamp and Learners Guild. He is passionate about organizations and management, and is currently running a consulting practice, Living Orgs, that helping organizations run in a more effective, purpose driven, and fair system.

He has two masters degrees, one in Pastoral Counseling (Highest Honors, Holy Cross, 2008) and an MBA (High Honors, Boston University, 2008). He has been a facilitator at the Interchange Counseling Institute (2011-2013) and for the YES! Leveraging Privilege for Social Change jams (2010-2011).

Karim lives and loves in Oakland with the love of his life, Marielle Amrhein, and their intrepid and generous toddler, Noor. When possible, he spends time dancing, hiking, and adventuring externally and internally. 

 Jocelyn Jackson,  Kitchen Manager

Jocelyn Jackson, Kitchen Manager

Jocelyn Jackson

Jocelyn Jackson’s passion for seasonal food, social justice, creativity, and community is rooted in a childhood spent on the Kansas plains. Since then, Jocelyn has practiced law, taught environmental science and ethics, become a yoga instructor, and created performance and visual art. Her inspiring international experiences include serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa and teaching in an ecovillage in Southern India. Jocelyn has presented on the principles of community nourishment at Court Bouillon in Southern France and back home in Oakland for the Fusion of Food and Yoga series at Anasa Yoga. Jocelyn founded JUSTUS KITCHEN to continue to create food experiences that inspire people to reconnect with themselves, the earth, and one another.


 Alli Moses,  General Manager

Alli Moses, General Manager

Alli Moses

Alli is a California native with a deep passion for holistic wellness and nutrition. She enjoys spending time with her dog, being outdoors and cooking. Outside of her work at The Well, she is studying to be a nutrition consultant at Bauman College in Berkeley, CA.